Workplace On-Site Services

Compliance Solutions Network offers on-site services to schools and companies located in the Dallas/Fort Worth and surrounding areas in North Texas. These services include DOT physical exams, drug screen collections and breath-alcohol tests. To request a quote or schedule services, scroll down to the request form or click here: On-Site Services Quote.

Why On-Site Corporate Testing?
This option is a good one for you if you are interested in the cost and time savings of on-site testing. Technicians are scheduled to minimize disruptions to your operations and to maximize the availability of your staff. When a member of your staff goes to a clinic for a drug screen collection the average wait is between 60 to 90 minutes plus travel time. You are paying salary and benefits and there is no productivity for your company. On-site testing is the efficient, cost-saving answer. If you are interested in our full range of services, go to C/TPA Services.

Why On-Site School Testing?
We know that teachers have demanding schedules and a variety of responsibilities. A school’s classroom and extra-curricular programs are adversely affected if a teacher must go off-campus for an extended period of time. On-site testing allows your staff to remain on-campus with little or no disruption to their scheduled activities. With our staff and yours on-campus, you are in control. If you are interested in our full range of services, go to School Program Services.


Note: Existing clients need only Contact Us at customer service to schedule services.

If a Company   If a School  
Type Industry: School Category:
Company Name: School Name:

Company or School Information

Cell phone:

Address where on-site services are needed (if different from your physical address):

Coordinating Instructions:

DOT Physical Exams  
a. Total number of exams required:  
b. How many of the drivers are male?
   How many are female?
c. Will you have the drivers fill out the administrative data on page 1 of the exam form? Yes   No
d. Will the drivers be prepared for the drug screen collections prior to their exam? Yes   No
e. Is there a private area available for the examinations? Yes   No


Drug Tests

a. Total number of drug screen collections needed?
b. Of these, how many are DOT specimen collections?
c. Of these, how many are non-regulated urine specimen collections?
d. Number of non-regulated saliva specimen collections?
e. Is there a separate bathroom that can be used only for the specimen collections? Yes   No
f. Is there a private area where the technician can work with the donor? Yes   No


Alcohol Tests

a. Total number of Breath Alcohol Tests Needed?  
b. Of these, how many are DOT breath alcohol tests?  
c. Of these, how many are non-regulated alcohol tests?  

Would you like to use our federally certified lab and MRO?

Yes   No

Do you have your own lab forms available?
We can alter a form to accommodate your lab and MRO.
Yes   No
The laboratory that you use?  
The MRO that you use?  
MRO Address:
MRO Phone  
MRO Fax:  
Primary date Click Here to Pick up the date and time:  
Alternate date Click Here to Pick up the date and time:  

Note: We will contact you with pricing and availability information. Organizations that set up a recurring on-site service requirement may qualify for discounted pricing.

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