C/TPA Program Services

Our C/TPA or Third Party Administrator services improve your drug and alcohol testing program’s effectiveness and allow you to focus on your core business. Services include:

  • 24-hour on-call service for post-accident drug and alcohol testing.
  • Random test pool maintenance and random test selections.
  • Compliance status monitoring and reporting.
  • Compliance program consultation.
  • DOT audit preparation support.
  • DOT MIS or Detailed Summary Report preparation support.
  • Local and national collection site network setup and management.
  • Monthly summary invoices reviewed for accuracy.
  • On-site drug and alcohol testing.
  • On-site DOT physicals in selected areas.
  • Service delivery and invoicing by company, by terminal or department.
  • Local and national “one-time” testing setup and processing.
  • Program policy development support including employee awareness material.
  • DOT mandated 2-hour supervisors’ training.
  • Medical Review Officer (MRO) services and consults.
  • And more…

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School Program Services

Our school bus driver program is specifically designed for private schools and independent school districts (ISD) where the transportation manager has other primary duties. Whether or not you transport students to and from home or to extra-curricular or sporting events, we understand your program needs and can provide expert service. If you have a small number of drivers, your school will benefit as part of our random testing consortium for school bus drivers. Whether you have a program in place or need to start one, Compliance Solutions Network is the resource that you need. Services offered include:

  • Drug and alcohol testing program setup support and management.
  • On-site testing for bus drivers, staff, and students.
  • Integrated on-site and clinic services delivery.
  • 24-hour, 7-day DOT post-accident drug and alcohol testing support.
  • Random testing and program compliance monitoring.
  • Program policy development support.
  • And all other applicable C/TPA services listed above.

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Policy Development Services

The Department of Transportation (DOT) provides clear guidance for your program’s policy. Your policy must contain specific elements and provide for driver awareness materials. As our client, we will provide you with a sample policy template that you can modify to meet your organization’s objectives. For example, and while the DOT does not require it, you may want to incorporate Employee Assistance Program (EAP) support within the policy. The DOT policy requirements are found in 49 CFR 382.601.

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Consulting Services

Our general consulting services assist you in getting answers to your regulatory questions and resolving situations in a manner acceptable to the DOT. We can answer your questions regarding DOT physical exams, drug and alcohol testing, or specimen processing and reporting. More often than not we can locate missing test results or resolve specimen processing issues. This way your program remains compliant with DOT requirements and your liability exposure is reduced or eliminated.

Dedicated consulting support is available for organizations in the United States and throughout Latin America wanting to:

  • Assess and optimize existing programs
  • Establish the basis for future programs
  • Support new program rollouts

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